Risks of Homework Overload: Solving The Problem

Is homework harmful or helpful? This is a common question in the national debate and stakeholders in education still have no convincing answer to it. On one side there are teachers and education experts who argue homework is crucial but students and parents feel it causes undue stress. One thing that everyone agrees about is the need for some work after class for teachers to easily follow up the learners ‘progress. The problem comes in agreeing about the volume of work students should carry home.

Looking at what most students say it is obvious that homework overload is a reality. They have to complete multiple assignments every day, and in the process, lose the benefits of homework. Everyone involved in the learning process needs to appreciate the risks of homework overload as one way of finding a solution to the homework debate.

This article highlights some of these risks and suggests how to solve them. Keep reading.

  1. High Levels of Stress Among Students
  2. If you carry out a quick search on “what is homework” you will find that this is a beneficial part of learning. Educators vouch for after-school assignments because they instill a sense of responsibility in a learner. It is possible for the student to apply skills learned in class when working on problems alone.
    However, when the assignments overwhelm the learner, they cause stress and thus become counterproductive. Homework statistics from different studies have found increased stress levels among students today and inevitably, this is a problem that affects their overall wellbeing. Stressed students cannot focus in class and this explains the high truancy rates and rising indiscipline levels.

  3. Stress in the Family
  4. Ideally, the family should spend time together after a hectic day. Parents need to catch up with their children’s lives and it is a good chance to discuss important family matters. However, this is not possible when students have loads of work to complete and no homework help. The tension in most homes is very high during the evenings as every student struggles to write assignments. This leads to a stressful environment which affects every family member.

  5. Negative Attitude Towards School
  6. While teachers use homework writing to improve knowledge retention and help learners in life, overloading them with work has a different result. Students develop a negative attitude towards school if they get no chance to breathe. This is one reason many dropouts give and is understandable because such pressure can overwhelm anyone. For assignments to work, teachers have to give them in moderation and ensure learners have time to enjoy their social life.

  7. Poor Socialization
  8. A student’s immediate environment plays an important role in their socialization. Family and friends will have a big influence on the development of a learner’s character. However, many young people today grow up without benefiting from such influences as they have little time to socialize. They work alone with no one to talk to and this affects their future behavior.

Should students have homework? While it is not possible to ignore the importance of homework, it is equally important to appreciate the negative impact overloading students can have. Teachers should moderate the number of assignments they hand out every day to allow time for the student to enjoy their social life.

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